The United States of America represents democracy, freedom, opportunity, and gives hope to less fortunate countries around the world. Flocks of immigrants come to the United States every day to escape an appalling government and to create a better lives for themselves. We are a melting pot of nationalities, each of which brings its own unique cultures and customs. The U.S.A is the “big brother” of the majority of the planet in that many smaller countries come to us for help, whether it be providing food for third world countries or asking for aid in war.

The ability to vote in order to select our president is an enormous privilege. Sadly, many of the voters are not knowledgeable of the candidates platforms or even the candidate himself/herself. Numerous people cast their vote for a president simply by which well-known people are backing the nominee. Not researching before voting results in the election of a candidate who is unfit for the job. Currently, the United States is spending trillions of dollars to uphold the war in the Middle East, has a suffering economy, and an education system that is deteriorating. Citizens care too much about the popular thing to do, instead of the right thing to do. America will always have problems, but thinking before one votes has a tremendous effect on the severity of these problems.


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  1. thelemonkid said,

    April 5, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    So your own image of “America” (its ethos, to you) involves those concepts traditionally cited in our history books: “democracy, freedom, opportunity,” etc. My first questions are: Do people in other countries see us this way? Or might they have a different perspective on what “America” represents? How could we find out? Where could we research?
    And following that, of course those terms, “democracy, freedom, opportunity” are pretty abstract: What do you mean by freedom? What do you mean by opportunity? Do people in this country all have the same opportunities? If not, how are theirs different? If so, then why don’t we all drive hummers? Why don’t we all get to go to brilliant schools like OSU? Is it just a matter of willpower?
    In terms of rhetoric, how are the candidates each defining these terms? How do they each define America? That might be a productive issue to research!
    How do they use various definitions of America to appeal to different audiences?
    In the end, here, you mention that the US is “spending trillions of dollars” on the war, has a “suffering economy” and a “deteriorating” educational system. So what is your evidence for this? Could you provide us with some hyperlinks so we might read more about these issues that you feel strongly about?
    Do you think that any of these issues are related to your observation of a general apathy in voters–that they just care about “the popular thing to do?” Where does it come from? And then, of course, what do we do about it?

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