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This political cartoon:Hillary Political Cartoon is referring to the time when Hillary was in Bosnia and lied about taking sniper fire. In the cartoon, it is making fun of the fact that Hillary always seems to be smiling and lending a helping hand, and of course, of her embellished stories. It could also represent that Hillary wants to make history, that is, she wants more to be the first woman president rather than the leader of our country. I noticed the soldier standing there with a puzzled look on his face, I wonder if it represents the Bosnian President, who would naturally be stunned to hear her accusations? This poses serious questions about the credibility of Clinton, and could have serious affects in the upcoming election. Hillary was shorter than all the men standing around her and made it seem like she was out of place. The cartoon plays it out as if Clinton wants to get some military credibility like her oppenonent, John McCain, also it projects the idea that she would be a bad war time president, simply because she has never had any military experience. It plays her out to be a liar and persuades the readers to believe that she would be a bad president due to the fact she is untrustworthy. The audience of this artical would probably be war veterans and anyone who had heard of the Bosnia fiasco. This cartoon links the two together because in the “hillbilly” one, Hillary is manipulating people to vote for her by putting on a fake accent and basically trying to adapt her personality to whoever she is speaking towards. This is the same concept as the first cartoon because in both Hillary seems like a scheming liar.

I also came across this video while watching the one of Hillary’s explanation of what went on in Bosnia.


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  1. thelemonkid said,

    April 18, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Good finds, and good connections here! It might help to go back and describe these in a little more detail to see if there is anything “else” in there! For example, in that second cartoon (Hillary in hillbilly mode), who are those two guys behind her? What do they look like? What are they there for? Do you happen to know where these were first published? It might be interesting to find out who their intended audiences are!

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